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How will my laptop fit inside the Axis?
It should be a snug fit, with roughly 1cm of allowance on each side.
Can I keep my charger in the pocket?
The Axis is designed for a snug fit and flat profile with your laptop inside and we don’t recommend keeping bulky items like your charger together. A MacBook charger (US/Taiwan versions) is possible, but we definitely recommend against a UK/Singapore MacBook charger due to the odd shape of the plug.
How do I clean it if it’s dirty?
You can use a moist cloth to wipe the Axis when it’s dirty. A low-heat iron with a piece of cloth covering over the sleeve also helps if your sleeve gets wrinkled.
Can I add handles to the Axis?
You can select handles as an optional add-on above. Handles are not included by default.
Does it come with inner pockets and elastic bands?
Yes, inner pockets and elastic bands are included in the Axis by default at no extra cost.
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Axis Laptop Sleeve

Custom Crafted Specially For Your Laptop

Tired of ill-fitting laptop sleeves that are too big for your laptop? Snupped laptop sleeves are custom crafted and tailored to your laptop for the best fit. The Axis also features a clamshell design that lets you access and use your laptop without removing it from the case.

Built To Protect Your Laptop

Foam padded to protect laptop against bumps and knocks. Our waterproof zips and coated PVC Tarp canvas keeps you worry-free if you happen to be caught in the rain with your laptop.

Designed For Convenience


  • Waterproof tarp canvas
  • Polyester
  • NBR foam padding
  • Waterproof zipper


  • Size: Varies with model
  • Fit: Snug fit, with about 1cm allowance on each side
  • Weight: Average 200g


Wipe clean with moist cloth. Do not machine wash or dry. Low heat iron with cloth on top of sleeve if wrinkled.

Laptop Sleeve reviews

Dec 06 18
Nov 28 18
樣品精美 但如果防震效果可以增加更好
Nov 26 18
Nov 14 18
Nov 02 18
超級喜歡😍😍 送貨速度超快!
Oct 12 18
Excellent quality! The picture came out great and the quality of the print itself is AMAZING. Although when picking your pictures, turn the saturation of it down a little bit. Otherwise, an AWESOME product. Thanks snupped!!
Oct 04 18
尺寸剛剛好 但我覺得圖案的畫質可以在好一點 有一點模糊的感覺 Ps. 我選擇的圖案是你們提供的圖檔。謝謝
Sep 25 18
Sep 18 18
Satisfied with the product as the one I bought 3 years ago. Chosen designs were printed nicely and it was of good quality. Shipping time was satisfactory and there were updates sent to me through email when the item was a delay. However, I only gave 4 stars because of the courier company used. I have informed Snupped's staff that I would like to have the item delivered in the evening when I am at home. It was written on the envelope that was delivered. During the delivery, I received a call from the delivery man but because there was no caller ID, I was unable to call back, the item was delivered at 10am, when the envelope stated after 7pm. Hope that this can be improved the next time I am purchasing this.
Si Ying
Aug 27 18
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