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How will my laptop fit inside the Axis?
It should be a snug fit, with roughly 1cm of allowance on each side.
Can I keep my charger in the pocket?
The Axis is designed for a snug fit and flat profile with your laptop inside and we don’t recommend keeping bulky items like your charger together. A MacBook charger (US/Taiwan versions) is possible, but we definitely recommend against a UK/Singapore MacBook charger due to the odd shape of the plug.
How do I clean it if it’s dirty?
You can use a moist cloth to wipe the Axis when it’s dirty. A low-heat iron with a piece of cloth covering over the sleeve also helps if your sleeve gets wrinkled.
Can I add handles to the Axis?
You can select handles as an optional add-on above. Handles are not included by default.
Does it come with inner pockets and elastic bands?
Yes, inner pockets and elastic bands are included in the Axis by default at no extra cost.
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Axis Laptop Sleeve

Custom Crafted Specially For Your Laptop

Tired of ill-fitting laptop sleeves that are too big for your laptop? Snupped laptop sleeves are custom crafted and tailored to your laptop for the best fit. The Axis also features a clamshell design that lets you access and use your laptop without removing it from the case.

Built To Protect Your Laptop

Foam padded to protect laptop against bumps and knocks. Our waterproof zips and coated PVC Tarp canvas keeps you worry-free if you happen to be caught in the rain with your laptop.

Designed For Convenience


  • Waterproof tarp canvas
  • Polyester
  • NBR foam padding
  • Waterproof zipper


  • Size: Varies with model
  • Fit: Snug fit, with about 1cm allowance on each side
  • Weight: Average 200g


Wipe clean with moist cloth. Do not machine wash or dry. Low heat iron with cloth on top of sleeve if wrinkled.

Laptop Sleeve reviews

Sep 14 19
Sep 09 19
Aug 28 19
很開心能在合理的時間收到新的電腦包。質感好又精美。 但訂製的網路需要再修復一下唷。謝謝
Jun 25 19
Jun 21 19
The laptop sleeve fitted well. Goods received in mint condition. However, the delivery from the date of my purchase is pretty long this time round and there's a mixed up on whole is the local delivery company that I can approach. Website showed ninjavan but it was actually SingPost that delivered the goods to my place. Hence, there was confusion and waste of my time at both ends when I called ninjavan to enquire about my order as ninjavan couldn't trace my order & delivery number.
Wei Ling
Jun 19 19
I have email snupped ytd regarding the size dimension is wrong. It doesn’t fit my laptop Razer blade pro. Is about 2cm different and would like to have a exchange
Jun 13 19
Good 只是等有點久
Jun 12 19
Jun 03 19
Apr 26 19
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11411 Notsniw Art

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