Questions and Answers - Laptop Sleeve

How will my laptop fit inside the Axis?
It should be a snug fit, with roughly 1cm of allowance on each side.
Can I keep my charger in the pocket?
The Axis is designed for a snug fit and flat profile with your laptop inside and we don’t recommend keeping bulky items like your charger together. A MacBook charger (US/Taiwan versions) is possible, but we definitely recommend against a UK/Singapore MacBook charger due to the odd shape of the plug.
How do I clean it if it’s dirty?
You can use a moist cloth to wipe the Axis when it’s dirty. A low-heat iron with a piece of cloth covering over the sleeve also helps if your sleeve gets wrinkled.
Can I add handles to the Axis?
You can select handles as an optional add-on above. Handles are not included by default.
Does it come with inner pockets and elastic bands?
Yes, inner pockets and elastic bands are included in the Axis by default at no extra cost.
Can you custom tailor for a 17” laptop?
Definitely! As long as it’s a laptop, from 11” to 17”, we will be able to custom tailor the Axis for your laptop.
I don’t have a Apple MacBook, can you custom tailor this for other laptops?
Yes, you can enter your laptop model when you click on the sizing option. We will custom tailor the Axis sleeve according to your laptop model.
What material is it made of?
The Axis is made using waterproof PVC canvas and also has waterproof zips to protect your laptop against accidental spills or water damage from rain.