Filament Tote Bag

The Filament is our take on the tote bag, comes with a interior slip pocket and is available in two sizes, perfect for a quick trip to the store.


  • Waterproof 600 denier Polyester canvas
  • 420 denier Polyester-blend interior
  • Nylon webbing handles

Two Different Sizes

  • Small (13.5x15.5" / 34x39cm)
  • Medium (15.6x18" / 40x46cm)

Tote Bag reviews

Sep 10 19
製作蠻快的 不到一週就收到 讚
Aug 21 19
外觀很美 只是因爲不是立體剪裁 東西稍微厚一點袋子就變型 不是很好裝東西.
Aug 18 18
外觀很美 只是因爲不是立體剪裁 東西稍微厚一點袋子就變型 不是很好裝東西.
Aug 18 18
I really wished customers had the option to choose longer straps much like the tote bags from Society6. As the bag I ordered is of a large size, the short straps make it hard to get things out and bring the bag uncomfortably close to the underarms. Besides that, perhaps a wider base would be good too. As the material used is stiff, a little leeway of space to put more bulky stuff would be fantastic. Other than that, no complaints about the quality of print and colours. Great results as expected of Snupped.
Aug 17 18
material is great. the wrapping is nice. wife happy with the present and quality. thank you.
Apr 09 18
品質還不錯 可是因為寄送的關係必須將包包折起來 所以包包上面有因為折起而產生掉色現象和摺痕
Feb 05 18
Nov 23 17
Nov 03 17
Artistic design and fun bag to carry around.
Nov 02 17
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