Creator - Profits (Marketplace)

Each type of product sold through the Snupped Marketplace earns you a fixed profit. This profit is adjusted for any discounts that may have been applied to that order.

E.g. You sell a product which earns you a profit of USD$5. A 20% discount was applied to that order, hence, your adjusted profit becomes USD$4.

Some products have a front and back faces which customers can choose different designs. If your artwork was sold only on one face, you will receive half the published profits.

Laptop SleeveUSD$5
Document PouchUSD$4
Phone PouchUSD$2.50
Tote BagUSD$1.50
Accessories PouchUSD$1.50
Drawstring BagUSD$1.50
Ceramic CoasterUSD$0.50
Drawstring PouchUSD$1
Shopping ToteUSD$1.20
Phone CaseUSD$1.50