What Is SnuppedX?

SnuppedX makes it easy for you to create and sell your own branded print merchandise. Unlike traditional manufacturers that require a minimum order quantity, there are no up-front costs and risks to work with us.

To start creating your first merchandise, you simply need to upload an artwork and it will be instantly available for purchase or sale. We handle everything from manufacturing, sales to shipping.

Purchasing Merchandise

Creating a merchandise is a simple process. Once you upload an artwork, it will be available on our entire range of merchandise products. For most of our product range, there is no minimum order quantity to purchase your merchandise. As a SnuppedX member, you enjoy preferential flat-rate pricing when purchasing your merchandise.

Selling Merchandise

SnuppedX also provides you your own free branded online store to sell your branded merchandise. You promote your store and products in your own app, blog or website and SnuppedX will handle the rest from sales, payment, production, shipping to customer service. There is no listing or monthly fee - you set a retail price for your products, we charge you a cost price for items sold and you earn the profit in between.