About Us

Our Mission

Snupped is the social arm of Merchfoundry. We use our products, social media and our website to spread the word on societal issues and causes all over the world. We help charities and causes focus on the operational aspects of running day-to-day operations by helping them create awareness.

How does Snupped make money

We believe in giving back to create a net positive return on what we consume from this planet. Not everyone is born into the same circumstances but we all are able to do good. With our products, part of net profits are donated to charities we support and the rest are used to grow Snupped and fund future campaigns around the world.

Why don't we donate 100% to causes and charities

Social causes and charities are highly regulated, if we were a traditional non-profit we will not be able to launch campaigns quickly and effectively. Instead, we invest in generating awareness and still raise money for charities. Along with it, we also have some flexibility to invest remaining profits for future products and collaborations.


How are we different?

There are plenty of "feel good brands", some donate part of their proceeds whilst others give products to the needy. When we give, we destroy the local economy. We believe in empowering. Through education, infrastructure and tools, we want to create the environment that will enable change.

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